WELCOME TO SUIS Ramadan CUP in Stockholm

We warmly welcome you to this year’s edition of the Somali Youth Association in the Swedish Ramadan Cup in Stockholm.

The Ramadan Cup kicks off 27 May welcome everyone at 7.30 pm every day in Rinkeby BP until the Final on the 4th Somali Youth Association in Sweden together with local associations work actively to boost integration. We arrange inclusive football tournaments every school holiday and on National Day. We want a safe meeting place for young people with backgrounds and give them the opportunity to be involved and influence, training in expressing their opinions and being part of a larger community. The Somali Youth Federation believes that creating meeting places for young people with different backgrounds can increase understanding between different groups, can promote young people’s participation and commitment to security.

Below you can see the game schedule. Bring friends and family. See you there! #Suisteam #Jointhemovment

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