Ramadan mubarak allihopa! Hope all is well with you.

SUIS West had a meeting, the purpose of which was, among other things, to get to know each other and discuss SUIS’s vision and even talk about the challenges that await us as young Somalis. There is a lot to plan before we can set up the SUIS department in Västergötland. We are very much looking forward to making this saga come true zakariye gives

Our brother Abdiaziz had a publisher who was that we should have a temporary board until we get further.
The chairman is @Abdiaziz Abdikadir and the rest of the board are @Abdikhader Yusuf @Amal Ismail Aw Cali, Zakarie Mahamud and @Mustafe Maxamed Kings

Hope we are all tagged in front of our district because I am really looking forward to our challenges, efforts and cooperation.
Together we are strong????

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