SUIS hosted the annual football tournament in Spånga IP.

The annual Somali football tournament that took place during the week ended on Sunday, in the presence of local politicians and police.
We in the Somali Youth Association in Sweden and our member organizations around the country believe that football not only increases people’s well-being, but also contributes to integration and an increased sense of belonging. It can even become vital.

When young people from different different countries and raised in different cultures meet to form teams and play matches, it creates good relationships and contributes to peace in society.
Meeting and playing football makes young people stronger, both physically and mentally.
The activities counteract violence, oppression and prejudice. For girls, who are particularly vulnerable, football can provide new opportunities to participate actively in society.

Active leisure is a way forward towards gender equality, a way to have one’s own identity and the opportunity to participate in activities and decisions that shape the future. The Somali Youth Association in Sweden, with the help of its member associations and other partners, plans to organize more activities to train young people and strengthen their participation in society.

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