Peter Söderlund from X-CONS visited our premises to discuss future cooperation.

X-CONS is a non-profit organization where f.d. criminals and addicts help each other back into society. The association’s purpose is to support and guide criminals and drug addicts and released to an honest and drug-free life. X-CONS is a bridge that links crime and dysfunctional addiction to a productive life and acts as a resource that reduces the risk of relapse into crime and gambling and drug addiction among citizens and that acts as a support that helps to bring people with risky behaviors to a productive life We want to build a partnership to reduce crime in the suburbs, stop the violence between gangs and competing leagues, and against residents and visitors in the area.

This can be done by seeking out our young people together, confronting them and arguing for a more polite lifestyle.

There is a way back into society for those who may not go to school, work or even look for work – it is not an easy road, but it does not lead to imprisonment, death and drug addiction. The root of the evil, in our view, lies in the segregation and the gap that exists between rich and poor in society today, and that this gap is allowed to grow. X-CONS also runs projects abroad, has for example started a café in Minsk, Belarus, where former criminals can get jobs and meet each other.

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