Organized Youth gathered in Uppsala

Many questions and great commitment – when SUIS Project Increased Knowledge – increased participation Support from MUCF came to Uppsala to hold its fourth youth seminar, they were met by curious young people with ideas and desire to create a better society and to organize themselves to make their voices heard .

Previously, Increased knowledge increased Participation held youth seminars in Stockholm and Borlänge. Last Saturday, it was Uppsala’s turn, with the help of the host association HORN AFRIKA CENTER Förening, to gather young people for a joint discussion, lecture and folk dance.

On site was POJEKT Leader Ahmed Abdulahi Ashraf Ahmed, sports and
youth secretary from the Somali Youth Association in Sweden (SUIS). Horn African Center Association had rented a room in central GOTTSUNDA. 50?60 young people were present, but also interested adults participated.

Horn African Center President Farah Mohammud opened the seminar by welcoming guests and lecturers. First out was Amina Hassan who lectured on Racism and how to prevent it.

Then Ashraf Ahmed from SUIS told about the national association’s work and why SUIS
chosen to run a project that increases knowledge about association life. The project is funded by MUCF

Ahmed Abdulahi then presented the project. His Theme was how Organization can
used as a weapon against Racism, against Violent extremism and to strengthen democratic forces.

How the Somali Youth Association in Sweden can promote the membership of the Member Associations, to run activities and encourage integration-promoting activities, was the subject of this seminar. New arrivals need access to social contact networks to be able to meet those who are established in society. Correspondingly, the already established need to meet new arrivals in order to contribute to a good integration. Reciprocity is a necessary condition for achieving the goal of integration. And that is why we in the Somali Youth Union want to strengthen the member associations, so that they can create a meeting place for both groups.

Many questions were asked from the young people this evening, both regarding the project and the work of the Somali Youth Association. It is clear that there is a great will and commitment around the country. Incredibly gratifying, we at SUIS think. Project increased knowledge increased participation shows that it is only together that we can bring about a change.

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