About us

SUIS, Somali Youth Association in Sweden

Our Organisation

SUIS runs cultural activities for both girls and boys, e.g. sports, education, dissemination of information and these interact with different parts of Swedish society.

The association, whose international name is? Somali Youth National Association Sweden? (SYNAS), participates in collaborative projects with sister organizations in Europe and Somalia.

A main task for SUIS is to help new associations to build up their organization and educate and inform the existing member associations the art of running an association.

This has been done through training in association technology, member recruitment, event planning and marketing as well as the development of guidelines for internal and external communication.

Our projects

SUIS 'operations are primarily financed by government grants from MUCF Stockholm City and Forumsyd. The union runs two MUCF projects continuously? Within Organization and Increased knowledge against violent extremism.

Projekt 1

Förortens Framtid: Om förebyggande arbete mot ungdomsvåld

Fo?rortens Framtid är ett projekt som drivs av Somaliska ungdomsförbundet  i Sverige. Det har pågått sedan januari 2020 med ett  lokalt arbete i Järva…