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    Information for you who want to become a member!

    First year, it costs nothing to be a member of SUIS, then it is your local Organization / department that decides which membership fee should be exactly where you live.
    You can always be involved and influence which membership fee you should have by participating in the members' meeting or at the annual meeting.

    NEW MEMBERS fill in their personal information in the form further down the page, choose the district and any department they want to join.
    IF YOU ARE OVER 25 YEARS OLD, you should instead become a member of SUIS FRIENDS.

    Every year, all existing members receive a letter home in which they must confirm their membership (via our website or text message) so we know that you still want to be part of our activities and receive mailings and information about what is happening in your area.

    The more members we are, the more we can come up with together, so we would be very happy to have you as a member!