Järva culture festival- Party and politics, at Eggeby farm, 21-22 / 8 2018

Järva culture festival Party and politics, at Eggeby farm, 21-22 / 8 2018

Among young people, families and children playing, most of whom seem to be Somalis, but also some more ethnic Swedes, such as an aging motorcycle association and others, both older and younger participants, with bouncy castles, loud music – Somali rap and more, many gathered by Järva’s residents to hear a political debate, moderated by journalist Elisabeth Karlsson.

I was there well in advance because it can be difficult to find by public transport – bus 540.s stop is close, however. It is important to create intercultural dialogue, the Swedish traditional culture wants to meet the Somali and other immigrant cultures to increase mutual understanding and live up to the EU’s vision of integration as a mutual process !!

Then you must be forgiving that the perception of time and space is a little different and that our cardinal virtue: to fit the time !! Does not apply in other cultures, but you have a more flexible attitude – should the debate start at three o’clock, it means that it starts sometime after three, preferably before four o’clock. But it can be difficult to understand and fit into your agenda, IF you have other activities that start sometime after four o’clock and it actually takes time to move between different places in Stockholm, for meetings and meetings or to departing trains, flight or whatever it may be.

The dating can also be confusing, is it the 21st or the 22nd wondered some participants, who were booked in and thought that part of the arrangement was unclear. BUT what is worth noting is precisely that it works, everything happened even if not at the appointed time. Everyone got their time to talk and everyone could come up with comments – so what did they say then ??

There is a strange political agreement on what is needed for Järva – the districts Rinkeby-Kista and Spånga-Tensta; Once the speakers were gathered, at Elisabeth’s request, Samaya first welcomed young people and women in particular and encouraged them to build bridges between cultures, to create meeting places, which is exactly what it is. A guy presented SUIS, the Somali Youth Association in Sweden, which is the organizer of this event, with the support of the Stockholm City Culture Committee. Its aims and anti-racist activities, projects driven against violent extremism (with the support of Mucf). All parties were invited to send their representatives, but some were absent.

All speakers started with an EID MUBARAK !!

Amir Adam (Member of Parliament for M) emphasized the need for a focus on entrepreneurship, many Somalis have a desire to run a business, but find the Swedish system cumbersome, it must be cheaper to hire. Give help to those who today have support (type, soc) so that they can support themselves and their family !! Adult education and school are important, as is homework help – extend the school days !! Everything must be done for young people to enter the labor market´- and more police officers for a safer society, especially in the suburbs. More surveillance cameras and better lighting !! Harder punishment!! Shut down schools that do not deliver, ie are not good enough.

Elvy Kacinek, chairman of Rinekby-Kista district committee (S) – emphasize that it has progressed and much improved now, during the last term of office, when more preventive measures were put in place and not just driven harder !!

A Bonnier, who lived 24 years in Rinkeby, added that we are strong together, but there are too many downpipes in the district !! (YES, it is a good, relevant criticism of the authorities in Sweden in general, it means that the different branches of the administration do not cooperate but can even oppose each other !!)

She said she was PROUD – unemployment goes down and school results go up !!

Many investments have been made in both children and the elderly, leisure for the elderly.

A lot of artificial turf has been laid out.

In particular, youth unemployment has fallen by 45% !! Job market for young people has been opened in Rinkeby.

Drop-out activities, for criminals, young people in gangs and organized crime.

Future Järva – is a kind of security investment, especially through preventive activities, leisure centers (should not be run by criminals, as it is rumored – but rather by former criminals !!)

Invest in association life and Folkets hus !! But also tougher times, more resources for the police (no one calls for military action, that’s nice).

We create the future together, do not think that politics is something boring !! Rather get involved in any party, or in associations.

Misale Galina sits in the County Council, which for 12 years has been governed by the alliance (which no longer exists) and for the last four years with the support of SD !! Look at NKS (explain) Consulting costs, neglected mental health care and other ill health … the children HERE have caries at the age of three, we need the care we need, health is something that can unite us, it is a common need not just something that can reserved for the rich !! No matter where we live, we have the RIGHT to good health.

Caroline Ravi, Liberals: NOTE !! We have never had any collaboration with SD !!

And Stockholm has the shortest care queues in the country !!

We must invest in education !!

One sixth of students graduate ninth without high school eligibility, give higher salaries to teachers in the suburbs !!

Agree with the moderates that it will be easier to run a business – but how ?? It is not clear, or how the Sausages made it more complicated, during the last term of office …

Entry jobs (ie lower salaries)

More cops!! It’s an ungrateful profession, engaging soc and all instances earlier when we / you / they see that a guy (I guess it’s mostly about …) is on his way into crime and gangs, (or violent extremism – could or she should have added, but it was a problem that was not touched much, or in fact NOT AT ALL !!)

Mansur Jamal, MP – yes, youth unemployment is the key, it is important to get a first job !! For Järva’s young people and women, everyone should feel safe !!

We have to vote, that’s the most important thing right now: Vote, vote, vote – too many immigrants feel they have too little control, or think it does not matter what they vote for or if it does not vote at all but there is info on all languages, so there is no excuse !!

Many have fled dictatorships and now we have the chance to exercise the democratic right to VOTE, so do it !! No matter which party you vote for, make your voice heard. Some immigrants vote for Sd, some imams say you should not vote, but do it !!

The same thing Mohammed Rashid from the Left Party says repeatedly: it is important to vote !!

It is gratifying that youth unemployment has fallen in the Järva area and the country as a whole. It has not happened by itself, but because of OUR, ie society’s efforts.

The Security that many worry about also applies to the CLIMATE, the really most important issue – something that the MP’s representative did not emphasize in particular ??

Everyone has the right to security, regardless of whether you are a man, woman or come from a foreign country, this is something the Swedish state must guarantee !!

And therefore more preventive work is required, a plan must be created for every individual who is convicted of a crime (or is suspected of being involved in criminal activity?), Right from the start – (For a criminal guy, society costs enormous sums !! No, it was not the argument he put forward …)

But everyone should have the chance to get a job, and then immediately !! And then also an apartment … which is not easy here in Stockholm.

Anna f … Bonnier Fi !! Vote, vote, vote !! And keep in mind that it is possible to vote in municipal elections for a party that is not allowed to vote in national elections !! Check the voting card you received. Good tip, lady …

Fi, Feminist Initiative, is part of the majority that governs the city of Stockholm.

I also like the good efforts made in Järva and led to positive results.

The district administration’s money will go to support associations, which reach especially young people without jobs and studies …

When the alliance lowers taxes, it’s these things that smoke first !!

A new model should be created for the collusion between the police, soc and associations – to counter juvenile delinquency and thus drug abuse (trade) and fatal shootings !!

Keep track of your voting cards and use your right !!

You can agree with that – everyone agrees, but not when it comes to taxes.

After this presentation, there was a debate and hearing in Somali and I can not explain this. In the evening dance and music followed and the fast was broken. The next evening there was more dancing, music and singing. My minutes are short and comprehensive and I hope that no one has been misquoted, and that the names are correctly reproduced, but above all I hope that many immigrants go and vote and that there will be more such festivities in the future. It is a striking difference from traditional Swedish parties where you always have to drink a lot of alcohol and these caring people who are able to have fun on sober calves

Hans Anderson

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