In recent days, it has been great news that the sex of the dead of the coronavirus in the Stockholm region were Somalis and lived in the wolverine area. We in Somali Youth Associations in Sweden (SUIS) ask how it can be ok for our spring that the actual deaths of the victims in the police and media are always assured by stating ethnicity even for serious criminals. The publicity has caused a terrible online hatred of Somalis on social media.

The media has quickly found and explanation for the deaths. The cause is considered to be overcrowding and other social factors, even though the background is not known until the individual has fallen. Age and underlying morbidity are not discussed but only place of residence and ethnicity. This originates many residents in the area.

The corona virus first comes to Sweden with tourists from the Alps, but now it is a fact that the spread is large right on the Järva field. Why is it like that ?. We are convinced that the high sickness rate is due to many of the everyday heroes, of different ethnic origins, who make society go around every day just living here. Very many from the area work in the high-risk church as doctors, nurses and assistant nurses in the spring and elderly care, but also as taxi drivers or bus drivers as well as cleaners and restaurant employees. All these occupational groups are at risk of encountering the virus in their jobs on a daily basis and are at high risk of becoming infected.

We who are young in the wolverine area follow the government’s work and image information on a daily basis, which many of the elderly in the area do not have the opportunity to follow. We have several weeks working hard to inform people on how to avoid infection. Men we have not had support from any material, from authorities, in languages ??that many older residents understand. Only now are the authorities beginning to realize that crisis information, in order to be successful, is being expanded. It must be given in several languages ??and not only on TV and digital platforms, which many older people cannot follow. We want to invite authorities, municipalities and regions to work with us to ensure that citizens in different areas of the city have the same right to vital information! Make sure we get the money that registers their grants for information about the coronavirus!

The Somali Youth Association in Sweden (SUIS) has 17 member organizations from Boden to Malmö, including at Järvafältet and in southern Stockholm. We and the groups we work with continue to inform in our local areas every day. We have paths in me and understand different ethnic groups that are not difficult to reach. One example is that for many families it is completely incomprehensible and irresponsible to isolate their elderly.

We are currently gathering groups of young volunteers who will create security in our suburbs. They should take to the streets and talk to people. They also want to inform the elderly who are in his home and examples help them shop. Many do not have children who live nearby and become completely isolated.

The city of Stockholm has recently printed 600 posters in different languages ??and that is a good start but not enough. We urge authorities, the region and the city together with us to produce information material in other languages. Then we young people make sure that the message reaches those for whom it is intended!

So in the end To everyone who goes to work every day and takes care of others, even though you solve a great risk of becoming infected, we want to say: THANK YOU! You give the word ”solidarity” a new meaning.

For the Somali Youth Federation in Sweden (SUIS)

Guleed Abdi, Federal Secretary, Eufemia Lassebro, Communicator

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