Young Somalis in Gothenburg organize an event in Gothenburg

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Young Somalis in Gothenburg organize an event in Gothenburg The purpose of this event is to highlight how the media has affected us Somalis during the corona pandemic. We would like to highlight the article written by the Somali doctor Jihaan, in which it was written that many Somalis were affected by the virus. The event will take place in the form of a panel, consisting of expert individuals. Then it will end with some mingling and food. The event will be held for about 50 people. To ensure that the risks of spreading the infection are minimized, we will take temp and ensure that we have hand alcohol placed available to the guests. There will also be distances between seats. Food will be made by the Indian Ocean restaurant and will be traditional Somali food. The food will also be ”packaged” to minimize the risk of infection spreading. The event will be tentatively held on October 24. 15:30 -16.00; drop in & mingle. we offer mask and hand disinfection at drop in & tar temp We offer mingle drink (soda with fruit / raspberries), sandwich / cake / cupcake 16: 00-16.30; we present today’s agenda, thank you for everyone who has come & also present young Somalis in Gothenburg. 16: 30- 17-30 Panel The panelists are Member of Parliament Leila, Fawsia a nurse and Deeqa who is also a nurse. Questions to ask panelists 17: 40-18: 00 Bilan Osman 18.00 Mat

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Start Date

2020-10-24 16:00

End Date

2020-10-24 18:00

Address / Location

Örngatan 6 416 67 Göteborg


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